“I once heard hydration described like this … “


“Think of your body/ our cells like a washing machine, when we need to wash our clothes we put them into the washing machine and it pumps clean water and soap and our clothes come out bright, clean and sparkly … but what if when you washed your clothes you didn’t pump clean water, but rather re-used the same water you had used from the previous wash and the wash before that and before that and before that … How would your clothes come out of that wash?  Dull, maybe dirtier and smelly.  Our cells in our bodies are the same, when we don’t drink enough water our bodies have to pull on the resources it already has, essentially using dirty water that should be flushed out of our bodies but rather becomes re-absorbed and this is the water that our cells bathe in.. on the other hand when we drink adequate water everyday (its pretty unlikely for us to “over hydrate” therefore, if in doubt … DRINK!) our cells are washed in fresh water and able to eliminate toxins more adequately and transport nutrients around our bodies more effectively… our cells become bright, clean and sparkly!”  

Some ideas to improve hydration :

  • glass of water and lemon / lime / orange first thing in the morning
  • organic herbal teas
  • fresh vegetable juices
  • water with fruit and herbs such as mint, lemon verbena, thyme ect to enhance flavour  

#never underestimate the simplicity of health – increasing your water intake could change the way you feel in a greater way than you imagine.


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