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ce39646828bdc0bf789b3cd96f38ee17 “I find cellular health fascinating.  When we take care of our bodies we take it all the way back to our cells and their health, for it is from there that our bodies grow and function and live.”

– Alyce Kate

When we hear the word ‘toxin’, our minds usually start to make a long list of external toxins our bodies are exposed to every day – air pollution, water contaminants and pesticide residue in our foods.  While these sources of toxins contribute to our bodies internal pollution, the primary producer of toxins is … Continue reading “Clean.”

Glory of Kings.

5a012e4bc1fdde05c732a71d657c1f79“It is the Glory of Kings to search out a matter.”

– Proverb

Lately, I have been inspired by this phrase.  We do not search by striving to find the answers, but simply looking deeper to discover keys in areas that are opening up for us.  There’s always Wonder to be found.

The Pill.


“She should remind you of the power that beauty brings.  Learn her and cherish her, respect her and love her, for she is more than just a pretty face, she is a soul on fire.”

– T.B LaBerge

Woman all over the world are looking for ways to decrease their monthly pain and discomfort.  I mean who wants to have cramps, back pain, acne, bloating, breast pain, moodiness, start crying over nothing, over heating… just to name a few of the things woman have to deal with every month when their ever faithful period rolls around.

One of the ways woman have been coping with this is with The Pill (Oral Contraceptive Pill).  I want to shed some light on this area and hopefully give some useful insight into how you can take control of your own body and see balance come back.

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