” A Thankful heart prepares the way..”

– Waterdeep

Thankfulness comes like a force behind you …

Sometimes we think of thankfulness and praise as a good attitude, a nice feeling, to be positive, we may even be accused of being one of ”those people” when we are being ”too” thankful.  What I have learnt is that when we are thankful, when we praise, it is like a force, a momentum that comes up behind us and propels us forward.  It comes and picks us up and moves us into a new land.

Being thankful is not simply just a nice thing to do, it is a powerful choice that carries with it the power to shake and move mountains.  It releases peace to work on your behalf.

Being thankful when life is shining brightly all around you instills gratitude, a grateful heart.  Being thankful when life looks like a fierce storm and you are having a hard moment in life and maybe not ”feeling” like being thankful, these are the times when thankfulness becomes a beautiful choice, a sacrifice of praise, these are the times thankfulness and its power are released in full force.  Thankfulness carries with it a fierce power that will keep you moving and not stuck in your moment.

I have seen the power of praise and thankfulness at work and while its hard to put into words I do know the wonder that it releases, I know that thankfulness isn’t something to be underestimated.

Thankfulness is a choice.  We are all responsible for the state of our hearts.

Thankfulness gives life to expectancy, hope, promise and peace.

Thankfulness gives perspective, it gives us the ability to see things from a different place.


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