ce39646828bdc0bf789b3cd96f38ee17 “I find cellular health fascinating.  When we take care of our bodies we take it all the way back to our cells and their health, for it is from there that our bodies grow and function and live.”

– Alyce Kate

When we hear the word ‘toxin’, our minds usually start to make a long list of external toxins our bodies are exposed to every day – air pollution, water contaminants and pesticide residue in our foods.  While these sources of toxins contribute to our bodies internal pollution, the primary producer of toxins is … our cells.  Each of your cells is like a mini factory.  It requires energy to operate and the waste products from cells are then dumped out of the body, either through respiration, perspiration, urination or defecation. Our bodies tend to be efficient at detoxing both external and internal toxins.

When our diet is balanced, our metabolism is optimal, and we exercise and stay hydrated, excess waste is eliminated with ease.  When we are in a state of optimal health, all we know is that we eat and poop, we drink and pee.  However, over time, our bodies tend to become sluggish.  We lose our edge.  Our metabolism slows down.

When your body cannot efficiently clear toxins through the liver, kidneys, lungs, colon and skin the body is forced to bury the toxins out of harms way.  The body has several ways of doing this.  The formation of scar tissue, internal fibrosis, fat storage and calcium deposits are examples of ways the body protects itself from toxins.  For other toxins like heavy metals, the body usually stores them away within the bones and fatty tissues of the brain.  As much as 60% of your brain is comprised of healthy fats, making it a great place to dump fat soluble toxins.

Over time the body becomes less and less efficient at ‘taking out the trash’.  As trash builds up, it triggers a cascade of problems, oxidative stress, inflammation, under active glands and organs, build of excitotoxins and cell damage.

Signs you may be needing a Detox / Clean :

– Feeling Sluggish / Low Energy (signs of liver / gallbladder congestion)

– Recurrent Allergies / Sinus Infections (holding congestion in the sinus’ and possibly congested colon)

– Dark Circles under eyes or puffy eyes when you wake up (kidney or adrenal deficiency / allergies / food intolerances / sensitivities) .  Healthy salts are critical in replenishing adrenal function.  Coffee and other stimulants should be minimised.

– Less than 2 Bowel movements a day (the gut is deficient in healthy bacteria and may be needing some probiotics and fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir ect).  Until you have rebuilt your good flora in your gut you can use digestive enzymes to assist in digestion, these can include a supplement or pineapple (which contains bromeliad, a digestive enzyme, lemon water or apple cider vinegar before meals also assists).

– Urine is consistently dark yellow or smelly, a sign that you are dehydrated, compromises your ability to clear toxins from your cells.

– Frequent headaches

* Frontal Headaches : above the eyebrows – not digesting food properly

* Temple Headaches : liver / gallbladder congestion and may coincide with eating excess fats and friend foods.

*Headache between eyes : chronic sinus infection or seasonal allergies

*If the headache traces the eyebrows this is a sign of kidney congestion, dehydration and inflammation.

* Headache at the bast of your head above shoulders – shoulder tension, muscle stiffness, structural imbalance, excess stress – visit a chiropractor.

– Gastrointestinal Pain and Discomfort – this can be stomach or intestinal cramping, bloating, bowel changes when you eat wheat, corn, eggs, dairy or other foods.  Be aware of Food Sensitivities.

– Weight Gain / Loss – no matter how healthy you are you just can’t lose weight or build muscle – this can be holding onto heavy metals and hormone disrupting chemicals.

– Foggy Headed / Easily Confused / Dizzy at times – too much caffeine, sugar and artificial sweeteners or deficient in Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3s) – also can be Oestrogen mimicking chemicals, and heavy metals such as mercury, aluminium, and chronic sinus infection.

– Anxiety and Quick to Anger – stress, liver and gallbladder congestion, Adrenal fatigue, Blood sugar imbalances, eating too many carbohydrates, candida overgrowth, excess cortisol levels and deficient neurotransmitters in the brain.

– Sleep – not sleeping through the night – chronic elevated cortisol levels put a heavy load on the Adrenal Glands which surpasses serotonin which interrupts with hormones that assist in sleep quality and quantity.

If any of these sound like you please feel free to send me a message or ask any questions.  I will be posting a follow up post with some proactive steps you can take to improve your overall health and wellbeing and help to move toxins out of your body and reduce the load of toxins going into your body.

# Above information taken from Brighton Baby by Roy Dittman


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