A Story.


The sun rose up quietly this morning, not announcing its arrival, just slipping into the day as though the world would never notice.

Even if we weren’t paying attention, the land was.  The birds woke with the sun as did the wind which woke the trees.  It moved quietly across the morning just breathing its gentleness.  The day was awake, it was time for us to join it.

While many tasks lay ahead, of which every day seemed to hold an insurmountable many, she stopped and breathed.  The buzz was beginning to blur around her but as she stilled herself she heard her heart booming inside her chest, the beating seemed to grow stronger the stiller she became.  Even if the buzzing around her didn’t know what was coming, she did.  She knew who was approaching.

A man was coming to lunch this day.  He wasn’t just any man, he was a man of mystery and wonder.  She had heard stories about him which had made their way far and wide, and today, this day, the day the sun had secretly opened itself to, it was this day that this man would come.  Not just to her village, but to her home.  He was coming to her home.

While she thought and pondered the mystery and wonder that would enter her house, her sister knew of the awe and honour that followed this man, she held deep in her heart the reverent desire to serve well such a man.  This was why her sister was lost in the task, she had a great man coming to her home, she longed to honour and serve him well.

The hours of the morning seemed to pass quickly until she heard the sweet strong voice of a man entering her home.  She didn’t know what to imagine upon his arrival, who would he be, what should she expect.  He came in and sat down, her sister quickly offered him a cool drink and something to eat, a fresh towel to wipe his face.

He had the gentlest face, his eyes seemed to be alive and bright.  She found herself sitting right there with him, fascinated and locked on his every breath and movement.  He spoke of his journeys and the people he had met.  His voice was like a roaring sea surrounded by a gentle spring breeze.  He carried the perfect weight of love.  As she listened to his stories, she learnt of his heart and love for people, the way he stopped for each person with such grace and patience.  She wondered how such a man who carried so much power could be so humble and full of peace.  His words spoke of intent and purpose.

That night, after all had left her house, the sun snuck away leaving the coolness of the night and a sky lit by stars.  She sat and thought of all that had happened in one day.  As she stilled herself she heard once again her heart booming inside her chest, she had encountered a man of perfect love and truth, she had seen God.


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