Being Woman.


I had this thought recently that being a girl/a woman really builds resilience from a young age because we get our periods of which we have to deal with EVERY MONTH.  And for many it also involves … pain, discomfort, feeling like you’re going to burst into tears, and I mean plenty of other annoyances that come with this… like I said … RESILIENCE!!

Learning about the body has always fascinated me.  It holds so much excitement and passion and joy for me to learn.  I love to learn.  I’m always hungry to learn.

Yesterday, I sat and read a bit about the Menstrual Cycle.  Again, fascinating! 😉 Learning more about how our bodies have been made to form and grow a baby is probably one of the craziest coolest things.  No wonder they call us Wonder Women! I mean.. gosh! we can grow a human!! That’s a super power in itself! and then we raise that human.. I think that must be another super power. (Be Kind to your parents)

We are cyclical beings.  We place everything into cycles.  A day has 24 hours, the sun goes up and down and up and down, our weeks are 7 days long, Monday to Sunday, we have 12 months in a year, every year goes by and that makes us a year older and for women we get our period and every month until we hit menopause and when we are pregnant.  Hope some boys are reading this and appreciate that sentence right there.. EVERY MONTH … FOR YEARS!

But when we truly understand what this Menstrual Cycle is doing every month it really makes you appreciate the wonder of our bodies.  Every month hormone levels go up and down and are released into our blood stream which triggers our brain to release other hormones which tells our ovaries to release follicles which mature and release an egg which goes on a journey to meet a sperm (every month) and when it doesn’t meet a sperm it is released each month along with the lining of our endometrium in our uterus which was there to nourish and hold the growth of a baby and the cycle starts again.  But by golly george, when it does meet a sperm its nothing less than a miracle what the body does, all by itself.. without us telling it to.  It simply grows a baby.  This is phenomenal!

Learning yesterday about Ovulation and Charting cervical mucus and temperature changes was interesting … to say the least ;).  It really is quite amazing.  But I found once I got my head around it, I realised what a great tool this can be.  While nothing is ever perfectly straight forward and bodies don’t always work by the book, its a great starting place to understand what the body is doing every month and in the place of those wanting to get pregnant or trying to not get pregnant, this is a great tool! I love this stuff!

Where my passion lies is how we can assist the body to innately do its job.  My passion is Holistic Health.  How can we help our bodies be all they were made to be and live life accordingly.

If you have further questions about Ovulation or Charting please leave a comment below or contact me on

Happy Days!


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