Parisian memoir.

“Paris is for lovers!”


I remember heading out for my first night in Paris.  I had arrived earlier that morning and spent the day pottering around.  But now I was fed, had my warm winter jacket on, my camera and I was ready.  I didn’t know where I was going, I was just happy to be amongst the Parisian life.  I was admiring the beautiful old buildings and wanting to stop for a crepe’ and listening to the beautiful sounds of the French language when all of sudden I was told to stop, “Look Up!” , as I did it was as though the world stood still, well actually just my world.  People were moving all around, but not me, I was stopped, mouth open, breath stopped and I could do nothing but stare.  There in front of me was the Eiffel Tower.  I have to laugh about it now but I didn’t expect it to have such an impact on me, but my goodness was she beautiful.  She was all lit up in the night sky, just for me to see.  I felt like a kid at christmas filled with excitement and energy and yet still and silent all in the same moment.  She was a beauty to behold and it was my utmost pleasure to behold her.  When I left that night, I whispered quietly, “Don’t worry, I’ll be back!”.  And back I was, I had seen her by night but needed to see her by day.  I don’t know why I found the Eiffel Tower so magnificent, but she really is.  Paris is such a beautiful place.  Coming up to the city after getting off the train was always a treat, because you emerge from being underground and as you walk up those stairs into Paris i’d always catch my breath as I behold a new beautiful part of Paris.  Do people really just live here.  I loved admiring her!  I remember waking up early one morning and grabbing some warm clothes and heading up to Sacre Coeur to watch the sun rise.  The air was crisp and the sky was lit up and golden and the sun felt warm on my cold face.  I took my camera that morning and whilst I did capture some beautiful moments they would never come close to the moment of just being there and breathing it all in.  I could hardly believe that I was standing in Paris.    Its all those little moments, those unspoken moments that capture a beautiful moment and place in your memory.  I remember walking the streets one night, just in the neighbourhood where I was staying, the little shops were closing soon and I wanted to get a memoir, I found this little shop that had a dog out the front, of course that would be enough to get my attention.  I went in and found this beautiful little jewerly shop so I chatted in my broken French to the lady and purchased a little bracelet that read, “Make a wish!”, I thought it appropriate because Paris was a wish that I had made and seen come true!  What a wonder that is!  I remember catching the train out a little from Paris and I just adored it, the sun was shining, the weather was perfect and the sun kissed the roof tops as we sped by.  I imagined life here, what does life look like here in these beautiful homes that I was beholding.  I remember sitting on the train one evening as the sun was setting and catching a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower as we sped by and I just up from my seat and squealed, like a true tourist, and then laughed cause I was bit embarrassed as people looked at me, but I didn’t care, she was beautiful! I loved going back to the apartment and using my key to get in as though I simply lived there, opening my kitchen windows, playing some music and cooking a simple dinner.  My kitchen window overlooked a little courtyard.  I also remember the first morning I woke up in Paris and I sat in the window seat and just watched Paris wake up below me.  People buying their baguette and just going along their way.  Oh she is a beauty this Paris, such a beauty!  I remember getting off the train one day and walking down this side street which led through this little tunnel that opened out on the other side to a most beautiful garden.  Seriously! People just live in places like this, their kids just running around playing like all is just normal, well it is to them, but to me its astonishingly beautiful.  I just sat on a park bench and took it all in.  I breathed Paris in.  While I could go on forever with these beautiful memories, I fell in love in Paris.  Oh I’ll be back!


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