Well, it was pitch dark and there he was. Tall, blue eyes, slim, quite good-looking…in a brutal, mean way, Papa. A terrible man!”

how to steal a million 5

Today was a marvelous day, just marvelous!  Not having a car creates a constant state of adventure, like being a tourist in your own city.  I met a beautiful French woman today from Paris and her little son, have I mentioned I love thier language and accent.  She’s lived here for nine years and informed me that France is a great place to visit on holidays but not so much to live, I then informed her that we are no longer friends and I walked away (okay, that last bits a joke), shes trying to burst my French bubble, I just know it!  

I had a very important meeting today, of which I used my legs and walked, and rode the train and walked and jumped on a bus, and walked and found myself precisely 2 minutes early for my very important meeting, of which I sat outside basking in the sunshine chatting buisness, whilst also being rudely and wonderfully interuppted by a very classy elderly lady who informed us of the history of the town in which I had found myself on this marvelous day.  I left this very important meeting quite calm and with a very big goofy smile on my face as I casually made my way home (walking, catching the bus, riding the train and just smiling).

I arrived home to find my dear Audrey (the chicken) had died.  We have five chickens but Audrey is mine (named after my grandmother, a name passed down through the generations).  We don’t know what had happened but she looked peaceful.  In honour of our Audrey we all sat and ate our home made soup for dinner (which Audrey was not a part of) and my housemate made us Poffertjes and we stewed up some fresh apples and made honey yoghurt and sat and watched, How To Steal A Million, an Audrey Hepburn movie of which I actually loved.  I had never seen it before but it was fantastic.  We also had a dance party, to celebrate Audreys (the chicken) life (of course), including some classic 70s and 80s music and some stellar moves.

Rest In Peace Aud!





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