This is what my life looks like most days at the moment.  I walk to where I need to be and I listen to music, I listen to talks, I laugh, I cry, I complain, I get inspired and passionate, I soak up the sunshine and the wind and blue skies or cloudy days or starry skies … I have time to see how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking about and decide what my choices will be that day.  Today felt like a rough day, but it really is the simple things that bring so much peace and rest to this busy mind of mine with so much going on this week and at the moment.  While my life feels very busy sometimes in this last month it has become a lot simpler, I appreciate things a lot more and am thankful and happy for little things amongst big things.  Today as I listened to a beautiful song by Steffany Gretzinger, I was reminded as my eyes welled up with tears (you can tell I’m tired cause I’m super emotional, ha!)

I am loved and safe and free to be cause the one I love always walks with me and moves through me.  I can just fall into His arms, thats okay.  He’s the faithful one with the plan!  His goodness constantly moves my heart to Wonder!  

I am in Love.  Forever and a Day!


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