I moved out of my home this weekend.    After having an epic House Leaving party and a Moonlight Cinema in our living room and a very funny dance party with my housemates into the early hours of the morning once all the party people had gone home we began the moving process.  Packing up your home into boxes and leaving an empty house that was once your home is a very interesting experience.  Its amazing how in a day a place can go from being your home to just a house.  And walking into my new house and finding how in a day it became home.  Everyone should live in a home, not just a house.  I have learnt in all the years that I have lived overseas and moved houses and been here and there that home takes on a very different expression.  Home to me once was a place that I lived, a building, that was my home.  But now home to me is people.  The new place that I moved into has felt like home so quickly because I am with the people that I love and while I love the beautiful things about my new home like the shiny floorboards and white walls and big bright windows and the way the sun shines in the windows on dusk, and having an indoor laundry and a beautiful bright bathroom (just to name a few) it is not this that makes this place feel like home, it is the people that fill it that make it feel full, that make it home.  I woke up this morning in my new home and room, took a shower by candlelight cause our electricity isn’t on yet (which meant we ate dinner in the dark last night too) and despite the fact that there are boxes everywhere and so many things to unpack and set up, I felt at ease.  I was home because no matter where I go or find myself it is the people that we choose to surround ourselves with that are my home and I am incredibly thankful for the beautiful people in my life.  I walked to work this morning from my new home and area … well I attempted to walk, but google maps and me weren’t getting along so I found myself lost and I decided to turn around and go get my bike and I just rode the way I knew and forgot about trying the shortcut.  I will conquer that beast another day.

Change is inevitable, but if you know the one that lives inside of you, change no longer holds a fearful place because you are with the one who holds the universe, he can take care of the details, he’s got the map.. probably better at reading it than me anyways, I never was very good with maps and details 😉 (John 14:24)


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