Some flowers even bloom throughout Winter.

Is it possible that some parts of our being are best during the Winter? The natural seasons here are shifting from the warmth of Summer days, to the freshness of Autumn winds and the bearing cold of Winter.

As I was reading a book recently created by Jonathon David & Melissa Helser it spoke of the beauty and clarity that Winter brings.

” If you walked into the woods and began to scream and cry and shout to the tallest oak and the mighty maple, “Don’t worry, don’t be afraid, you will bloom again one day! Don’t be disheartened you will one day be covered with your brilliant leaves, spring will come, the trees would lean down into your humanity and speak with wisdom so deep it would rattle your soul, they would say, ‘Small person we are not afraid, we are not anxious, we are at rest.  We know that in the chill of winter we dig our roots deep into the earth.  We are not dead and barren as you think, we are alive and living and growing.  We know that even in seasons of stillness we grow sometimes more than in a season of fruitfulness.  Take a deep breath, you have been given the gift of a moment of stillness.

‘I am not trying to teach you anything, I am wooing you into a gift.  I am sending you an invitation, one that will change you forever.  I sit next to you holding your hand and whispering truth into your heart.  The Winter is your deepening, the Winter is your gift.”

With all the leaves fallen from the trees, the once thick forest reveals the land by which it has surrounded itself with, the falling of its leaves brings with it clarity and perspective.


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