23182c575348140436cc5667a8f8c809I have been unpacking boxes and sorting through papers all week, I’m starting to feel like I am now winning the battle against the boxes. I came across today a magazine article called, “Amazing facts about your unborn baby”.  While it’s no secret to most people I am passionate about babies and pregnancy my passion and love only grows, I found myself tearing up today reading these facts, ha! Must be almost time for me to have my own I think … Almost! Here are some that I thought were just beautiful and worth sharing :

• It takes around 24 hours for the winning sperm (1/100,000) to enter the egg and fertilise it at this stage your pregnancy has began and you didn’t even know it!

• Boy or Girl? Ladies, your partner is the one who decides.  All eggs carry a single X (female chromosome), while sperm carry either an X or a Y (male chromosome).  If an X sperm fertilises your egg, it’s a girl, or if a Y sperm makes the cut, it’s a boy.

• Just 6 WEEKS into your pregnancy your baby has a heartbeat, yet bubs is still only as big as a lentil

• By SEVEN WEEKS your baby has 3 distinct regions of their brain that will form the basis of all her thoughts and actions –

Forebrain : responsible for problem solving, reasoning and memories –

Midbrain : directs electrical impulses from your babies body to the right areas of her brain –

Hindbrain : controls physical activity like breathing, heartbeat, and muscle movements

• At 10 WEEKS your baby can already respond to touch – if you prod your tummy, the baby will wiggle away, not that you can feel it yet. Also at this stage all of your babies major organs are fully formed and functional including heart, lungs, kidneys, brain and intestines

• At 14 WEEKS if you could see your baby you’d see them smiling and frowning

• 3,000,000 is the number of eggs your baby girl has already at just 20 WEEKS (your baby girl is born with all the eggs she will have for her lifetime, girls don’t grow more.

• The foods you eat flavour the amniotic fluid and your baby can taste them – teach your baby what’s healthy taste buds to have from an early age 😉

• At 24 WEEKS it is suggested that your baby is already having the beginnings of conscious thought and memory. The baby can tell the difference between yours and your partners voice

• Brain scans show that babies have periods of REM sleep (dreaming) from the 8th month of pregnancy onwards

• Your 35 WEEK old baby has fully developed hearing so keep chatting. Just a few of the many wonders of babies in the womb, I am constantly amazed at this wonder …

“Foetus in Latin means ‘little one’ “


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