Boy do I have a million things going through my head.  Inspiration and passion and dreams and process and wonder and life.  It’s all a gift.  Process is a gift, as is patience and perspective and peace.

P R O C E S S . P A T I E N C E . P E R S P E C T I V E . P E A C E

“I am leaving you with a gift, Peace of mind and Peace of heart!”

I read this recently,

‘And when I tell an educated and intelligent woman that her antiperspirant may be causing her harm, its not the first time she’s heard it, and its also not going to be the second time she chooses to ignore it.  So how do I get her to notice, to pay attention and to be aware?  To become educated and informed about her health, despite counter culture tones?  How do I make her understand that just because something is not widely accepted that ignoring this may be harmful?  Very recently I figured out how.  Its simple.

You write it for her daughter, because then she will listen, she was born to protect her.’


Mothers would do pretty much anything for their children and as children we often don’t value and appreciate this as we should.   We often assume we know better than the ones who have raised us.  I was talking to a mother recently about her daughter who had joined a gym which had inspired the mother to take better care of herself.  Want to teach a woman how to value herself, teach her about the value of her daughter and see if the reflection shines a light on her own state of wellbeing and wholeness.  For isn’t it said that we live by example.  Actions are much more powerful and louder than words.  Much more.

If you cannot live what you preach then your message becomes void.  For there is no depth or substance, words without truth are like the fleeting wind, here one day and gone the next.

Put value on the heritage that is being left behind for you and the one that you will in turn leave behind.


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