” You can tell who the strong woman are.

They are the ones you see building up one another,

instead of tearing each other down.”

 I am who I am because of these women.  They are a strength, a wise counsel, a laugh, a smack over the back of the head when needed, a hug, a challenger, a listening ear, a safe place and I could list their names for days!  Mothers, family, friends, strangers, foreigners.  I am rich and forever thankful for these ones who make my world go around! I learn a lot from listening and watching them live their life with their strengths and weaknesses, beauty and eternal love.  They inspire greatness and courage and gentleness in me!

I am so inspired by their bravery and beauty and resilience in life, it is a wonder to watch and learn.  I constantly meet new women and I often think, I wonder if they know how great they are, if they know they are doing a good job, that they are a great mum or friend or sister or daughter.  I wonder if they know they are enough, that they should be proud of who they are and what they achieve every day.

The woman who birthed me and raised me.

The woman who followed her heart to other nations to love their people.

The woman who is always generous and brave.

The woman who faces lifes challenges with strength and a smile.

The woman who will stand in government one day with bravery and strength.

The woman who is the wisest soul I know and has the silliest sense of humour.

The woman who taught me about the garden and health.

The women who treats motherhood and being a wife with the greatest excellence.

The woman who smiled and offered me tea, everyday.

The woman who stood in front of hundreds and let the dream come to life.

The woman who shows her pain and tears and beauty all at once.

The woman who drives off into the unknown with trust in her heart.

The women who face those high school years with open eyes and hearts and beauty.  I love that beauty of growth and wonder and learning.  They are the brave ones.

The woman who laughs.

This list could go on and on and on and on.  I am surrounded by these wonderous women every day.



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