This is a quote by Sheryl Sandberg.  I believe this is a wonderfully simple, yet profound truth!

I do not believe you need to find your perfect match, or even someone who shares all the same passions as you but I do believe that passions must be shared, and what a greatest joy to share it with those we love.  If you cannot share your greatest joys and that which makes you come alive, I’d be curious to know how the soil of your hearts is thriving in that relationship.

I can be a strength to a passion in someone that I do not have, for the strength isn’t about sharing passion but about sharing value.  I value you and your heart and passions in this life, this gives strength and momentum.

I have seen this in many couples.  Some do infact share very similar passions and they are running hard and fast after those things together, whilst others share very different passions and they stand as champions to the dreams of the ones they love, they are still together in this.

It is a beautiful thing to behold, especially in couples but not limited to that, it can be in any relationship.  I do not have to be just like you, to champion you!  I believe in you being you, I believe in you jumping into the world of risk that I do not relate to, why?

Because that which we are born to do is unique and we must know how to champion the differences in each of us whilst not being intimated by the excellence it reveals.

I see this in the youth that I am around, they are alive with wonder and hopes and I am honored to stand with them (even just for a glimpse) and say yes to the passion that is them, truly them!  To see a young girl rise to the opportunities to record an original song, I am not a singer but I can champion the light that comes alive in her when she is and see the young men built with the brilliance of a true entrepreneurs whose brains are ticking with ideas of business.  This is a wonder that should be honored!

As Sheryl Sandberg said, “The most important career choice you’ll ever make is who you marry!”

I know this will be mine.  For my life depends on it!


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