positive_quotes_make_it_simple_170 Simplicity is a choice, much like what kind of car we will buy and where we will live and who we spend our time with.  Simplicity is a choice and what a beautiful choice!I have been learning about simplicity lately.  I had the fun honor of speaking to a group of people last week and I shared on simplicity.  I feel so often in life we over complicate things when in fact in the Kingdom of my God it is quite simple . . . but significant. His Kingdom works differently than ours.

Strength comes from Joy

Peace is a Weapon

Thanksgiving opens Hearts

Rest moves Mountains

Faith is an unseen doorway to Wonder and Favor

Oh the gift and sacrifice of Faith in the exquisite one.  To live a life full of knowing that His eyes are rich in truth and perfect love is the heartbeat of all He has for us and all he does. He takes stressful situations in life and breathes simplicity into them.  Its His nature.  If we would remember to stop in those moments of stress and ask for His perspective and truth, to lay down our control we would see with new eyes, with His eyes. Jesus fed the thousands that were before him with a few loves of bread and fish. Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt and Pharoah and his armies came after them to kill them, God parted the Red Sea. Nothing is impossible for God.

“The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still!”

I am confronted by His simplicity.  We overcomplicate.  He invites us to see from His eyes.

“In the choice of simplicity, the noise gets quiet and the peace comes in, the light shines brightly and refreshing winds have been given rise to sing.  Songs that bare His goodness that cannot be compared, where rest is celebrated and lands of wonder have been drawn in near to be shared.”

He’s a wonderful God.

Keep it Simple, but Significant.

(My simple dinner tonight.. don’t worry I don’t normally just live off broccoli just had a hankering for it tonight 😉 )



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