I was inspired recently by my sister in law as she is turning 30 this year and she listed some significant things that have happened in her 20’s.  It made me think, what have the last (almost) 10 years on my life looked like.  Facebook is a wonder for this stuff as I scrolled through the years and looked at all the interesting (and not so interesting) things that I had posted about I was reminded about many things that I had forgotten about.  It is amazing what kind of perspective this brings to looking over the last 10 years of my life as it gives the most beautiful perspective.

It really is a wonder this life we live.  It has not always been very fun or easy but it is blessed.. of this I am sure!

So here is a brief look at some of the things (interesting and not so interesting) that I have done over the last 10 years.  I have left out some very big things because not everything needs to be shared publicly.  I could add a lot more to this list but for now this is enough.

MY 20’s explored . . . 

20 – Went to America, Italy, England.
21 – Went to America, hiked Mammoth Lakes, first run in high altitudes, hiked Grand Canyon, went to Vegas, got my dog Riv, lived in Quebec Canada and studied French for a few months, celebrated my 21st lost on a 6 hour bike ride on Isle D’Orleans
22 – Went on a road trip around Tasmania, drove my first manual, got my first mobile phone, started studying my Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy.
23 – Did my first 15km run, Went to America (Miss Ady was born), fell in love with Paul Newman
24 – American Serps came to Australia for a visit, had Christmas on a farm with the cows and grapevines … very Walk in the Clouds 😉
25 – Went to Indonesia and hiked and camped with an incredible bunch of Indonesian kids, did the Great South West 70km Walk, painted the house roof with my dad (one of my bright ideas – he’s a patient man), Ben surprised me in Australia which involved a lot of jumping and squealing, tried a raw food diet for 1 month – felt amazing!, took my very first ballet class, got my first car – broke down and died less than a week later, Dad made his first and only batch of scones with jam and whipped cream and sowed a tear in his pants (very Betty Crocker), did my first 4 day hike at Wilsons Prom.
26 – Walked to the top of Mount Dandenong, did the epic Color Run, got my first (real) car (Ford Focus), saw Coldplay perform for the 3rd time, flew my first plane!!!!, took my first and only tap class, my best friend got married, went to Indonesia and summited my first mountain (Mount Rinjani 12,224ft) with some incredible Indonesian kids, Went to America (Lincoln James was born), hiked the Great Ocean Road with the greats, fell in love with Bear Grylls
27 – Conquered the beast that is Clinical Hours at Uni and finished studying my Bachelor (or so I thought), went to America for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years and had a white christmas (answer to prayer) in California, best friend moved to Africa for 3 months, tried my first Vodka drink (Moscow Mule) – Loved it! and Cinnamon Whiskey – didn’t love it!, met the real Santa Claus in California, went deep into the woods and we chopped down our very own real christmas tree (in California – in the snow), tried and made my very own fermentable goodies (Kombucha, Kefir and Sauerkraut), set a goal to run 80km in July and did it, did Run for the Kids (2nd time), Ran 10km with my friend on a 30 degree day (dumbest thing we’ve ever done.. ha!)
28 – Became a Youth Leader, actually graduated with a Bachelor in Health Science in Naturopathy (finishing that last sneaky class that I didn’t know I hadn’t done), went to Netherlands, PARIS!, Indonesia, moved out of home, had my first christmas in my new home with our very own real Christmas Tree, got chickens!, spent New Years Eve at the Zoo (amongst other things), went to a legit Baseball game, discovered my favourite drink is Gin & Tonic (ha!), Went to Chin Chin for the first time!! (noteworthy), American Serps came to Australia, I constructed my first Flat Pack, wrote my car off, had my first pulled pork at Red Spice Road (also noteworthy).
29 – Lived a very ”active lifestyle” not having a car for 6 months, got a new car (Mazda 3), ran my first half marathon . .  twice (first for fun and second officially down on the Great Ocean Road), went to Tasmania, moved into a new (much nicer) home, had the opportunity to speak at a few different events (very exciting for me), found my first grey hair, my best friend moved to another state (very selfish..ha!), . . . tbc.

30 – NEXT YEAR!!!


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