If you are Healthy and Happy is being ‘fat’ the most worst thing in the world?

If you are fit and have great community around you is being ‘fat’ the worst thing in the world?

If you are brave and face your fears is being ‘fat’ the worst thing in the world?

What if it wasn’t?

What if loving and being loved, being who you are and doing the things that you love and make you happy,

keeping your heart clean, and saying sorry when we make mistakes, being healthy in all areas of our lives,

What if they were the most important things in the world? 

Wouldn’t that be a beautiful person!

I love this quote.  I am a skinny person so maybe I am not the best person to make a statement such as this.  But I know beauty is more than just what we see.  I feel the most beautiful inside and out when I am at my happiest and sometimes at my saddest, why is that?  I think it is because we are at our realest.  We are happy being who we are and just being us and often we are doing what we love and the things that make us feel alive, or we are sad because we have felt true loss and we are just being real with our broken hearts, this can also be beautiful.

Someone said to me the other day that I looked beautiful and was glowing and looked really well (I am not pregnant).  I wondered though what it was that was so different than every other time that I see this person.  Considering I had gotten to bed at 3:30am that morning and I was exhausted, I had gotten my period a few days earlier and I had a really stressful couple of weeks . . . I was thinking about it though.  I had just conquered a fear, I had done something that scared me, I had been brave in the face of something unknown that had stressed me to the point of tears but also been a whole lot of fun and I was feeling super proud of myself that day and honoured to have the opportunity to risk in the face of the unknown.

I have said this before and I will most likely say it again,

‘ R I S K   I S   A   D O O R W A Y   T O   W O N D E R ‘

Risk is such a beautiful gift that we have been given.  It is the opportunity to go beyond yourself and see more of your true nature, to see more of what we are made of, to enlarge our tent!  To be proud of yourself and step out of your comfort zone.  This is a true gift! Whether you choose to receive it or not is up to you, but it is well worth it!

Risk is my choice and I am thankful for the places risk has taken me!  And I hope for the courage to keep choosing it!

I think Risk makes us Beautiful!


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