” Every single person in the world, every culture, every language, every country, every person in the world knows it, you are what you eat.  Food does matter!”

                                                                                    DAVID WOLFE (Food Matters)

If you live in my house or you’re in my family you will know all too well that this girl has a weird obsession with fermenting.  I even took kefir grains to America when I visited a few years ago much to the disgust of my sister in law.  You will find sauerkraut in the fridge and Kombucha brewing on the bench top currently.  My dog even got to enjoy my kefir days a few years back whilst completely grossing out my poor dad.

I’m all for finding ways to support health and wellbeing without taking a pill.  This is my solution! . . . and might I add very cost effective solution 🙂


  • Sauerkraut, Kombucha, Kefir, Natural Yoghurt, Aged Cheese, Kimchi, Pickles, Miso, Tempeh (it is important when purchasing or making these to use organic high quality ingredients and be aware if purchasing pre-made what is in the ingredients, theres nothing worse than trying to be ”healthy” only to find you are consuming a bunch of junk.  These probiotic rich foods / drinks are generally very easy to make and very cost effective to make them yourself).


  • Fermenting converts sugars (glucose, fructose and sucrose) into cellular energy and into a metabolic by product (Lactic Acid), which in turn produces digestive enzymes and healthy gut flora.  Lactic acid fermentation also enhances the micronutrient profile of foods which means the food you are eating is full of probiotics (for healthy gut flora), enzymes (for optimal digestion) and vitamins and minerals (to fuel our bodies). (I QUIT SUGAR)
  • All of the above mentioned benefits are why we are seeing an improvement in digestion and digestive health with the inclusion of fermented foods which date back to age old traditional cultures all over the world.


  • Fermented foods are rich in probiotics.  Why are probiotics so important for our health and wellbeing? Often our diets and lifestyles can effect the balance of good and bad bacteria in our gut (too much processed and refined foods, excess sugars, stress, antibiotics, oral contraceptive pill ect).  Even babies born by cesarian require probiotics because they have not received the beneficial bacterial that they normally would engulf when coming through the birth canal (this is why it is also important that the mother has a health and thriving gut flora as this is what sets up their childs gut flora) which assists in setting up their digestive and immune systems, amongst others.  Consuming probiotic rich foods supports digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients, has been shown to reduce and / or reverse some diseases and inflammatory conditions (eczema, asthma, psoriasis, chronic fatigue syndrome, bowel disease, IBS, colic, allergies, urinary tract infections ect) and is an incredible support to our immune system.
  • It is estimated that 70-80% of your immune system is in your gut.  If you feed it poorly then your gut is left with minimal defenses.  Bad bacteria increases causing increased risk of disease triggering inflammation and we experience symptoms such as (bloating, gas, discomfort, pain, constipation, diarrhoea).  You can become more susceptible to colds and flus and allergies such as hayfever and food sensitivities. (FOOD MATTERS)
  • KOMBUCHA : Helps to remove toxins through the kidney, liver and bowels.  It can also assist in losing excess water weight, by reducing swelling and fluid that accumulates in your tissues from chemicals found in our foods and lifestyle.  Kombucha is a liver cleanser!  We can all use a little lovin’ for our Liver. (FOOD MATTERS).   So easy to make too.  You just need black tea, sugar and a kombucha scoby and some started kombucha and voila! you can ferment away!  My current Kombucha brew is going to turn into Ginger Beer and I may make a Raspberry Kombucha also which is just delish!

Don’t be intimidated or scared of trying out fermented foods.  They are not a new hippy trend, they are age old traditional foods that these cultures consumed on a daily basis hundreds of years ago in all different countries all over the world.  It is a wonderful celebration of the abundance foods brings to our health and wellbeing!

TRIED KEFIR MUESLIE (not too sure about this one) 😉


Alyce Kate.


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