As I spoke about in a previous post ( SEE HERE ) about Natural beauty and why it is important to look not only at the ingredients that we are putting into our bodies but also the ingredients that we put on our bodies.

I have since then been transitioning my skincare, haircare, deodorant and make-up over to Natural products.

SKINCARE – Jaqueline Evans ( SEE HERE )

MAKEUP – W3LL People Mascara & Ere Perez Bronzer & La Mav Organic BB Cream ( see link Beautiful Because on right hand column of my page to order – HERE )

DEODORANT – Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant Paste( see link on right hand column of my page to order – HERE )

HAIRCARE – Meditree Organics Shampoo and Conditioner (just purchased this yesterday so will be trying it this week)

HAIR MASK – Hello Hair ( SEE HERE )

> > REVIEWS < < <

Jaqueline Evans : when I transitioned over to this skincare I immediately felt the difference.  My previous skincare left my skin feeling tight and dry all the time but I haven’t felt that once since using this new skin care ( and it smells really yum and fresh)!

W3LL People Mascara : I have used Maybelline Full & Soft for a long time and always loved it.  I have considered changing my mascara over for years to something natural but so many people said there wasn’t anything good out there and they all cost an arm and a leg… so I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this mascara, it works great, looks the same as my previous mascara and its not put nasties on my eyes everyday! So VERY happy with this one!  I would highly recommend it!

Ere Perez Bronzer : This was a little different to the previous bronzer that I was using.  You get more coverage from it and a slightly different ‘bronze’ color than I was used to but I have gotten used to it and I really like it and the way it feels on my skin.  It doesn’t fade throughout the day and holds its color and blends well on the skin.

La Mav Organic BB Cream : I have never liked liquid foundation, I didn’t even know what a BB cream was before I got this.  It was actually a sample that came with my order so I thought I would give it a try.  I normally wear Mineral Powder Foundation so transitioning to liquid was a little weird for me.  But all the things I don’t like about liquid foundation weren’t the case with this one.  It is NOT caky, doesn’t look like I have a bunch of make up on, just feels like I have put a light moisturiser on and it gives you a nice fresh glow which I noticed was nicer than the matte look that the powder used to give me.  So I am so happy with this that I have order it and will give it a real true go now!  It also has a SPF in it which is good coming into Summer . . . so win win all around!

HELLO HAIR : This product is so fun! I had a friend recommend it to me.  It comes in a squeeze tube and it super easy to apply.. just be careful if its been a hot day and its melted to liquid ;).  The first time I used it my hair felt SO SO SO soft after.  You just have to give it a jolly good wash to get the oils out.  Would recommend this product!

DEODORANT & HAIR CARE : I will keep you informed as to how they go . . . watch this space!



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