4b59e5e1c20452fd7466d955431cd640I had the realization the other day I haven’t set foot inside a supermarket in maybe a little over a month . . . I’m living off love and the magical air I breathe . . . just kidding . . . I’m that girl that when I haven’t eaten enough I disappear into the land of ‘Don’t Talk To Me! I’m too hungry to be a nice human being right now… I just need food… I just neeeeeeed food‘.  Just ask the girls I live with, my common phrase when arriving home after work, “I’m Starving“.  I’m not REALLY starving, lets be real, but hey try telling that to my brain or is it my stomach that thinks the world is coming to an end and I am living in some cruel land where you don’t eat every five minutes of every day.

Now, what was I talking about, oh yeah, supermarkets or lack there of.  I have been shopping at Terra Madre ( I know, I know such a trendy cat I am) and by golly george I have to say I just love it.  I love my trip there, and the great music I always seem to find on the radio, I love parking and walking past all the very cute houses and dreaming about what it must be like to live in them, I love the buzz of the area especially when you get to see a dog dressed up as a ballerina.  I love that they don’t have shopping bags but lots of baskets and a box to carry your goods home in (cause I am me and I always forget to take my bags in that I continually leave in the car).  I love the sweet chaos of the place, I say sweet + chaos together because there are ALWAYS and I mean always so many people there and we’re all squished in to this crammed store and apologizing profusely for banging someones arm or tripping over a small child, but everyone is always so pleasant (I think its cause they are living off love and magic air too . . . oh and probably kale).  It’s like a Food Wonderland with veggies and yogurts and all different types of bread and goats cheese and a whole lane of spices and nuts and all different types of rice and a wall of teas and just goodies upon goodies and all in one place.  I think I have realized that is why I like it.  Its organic goodness and its all in one place.  I tried the veggie box delivery but then I still needed to take a trip to the store to get what else I needed and I just kinda like being able to choose my own fruit and vegetables (miss independent over here) with my own hands.  But hey Veggie Boxes are great and I know of a great delivery company called, Organic Angels, you can find ( HERE ).

I also had the realization that I have been living off mostly organic food, say what you like but this is important to me.  Health and well being is my passion and when you follow your passion authenticity should be following along too.  I am feeling true to myself.  I am focusing more and more on what goodness I can put into my body rather than what I shouldn’t be eating.  I am eating more and more to feel nourished and healthy and clean rather than I just want to eat that cause I want it and I can’t be bothered eating something better.

I read in this amazing book years ago called, Wholefood Cooking by Jude Blereau (which has kind of become my mantra for eating), she says this quote at the start of the book and I have always remembered it when thinking about food,


And voila! what more do you need to know about food?  I think that about sums it up!

Enjoy the food you eat, nourish your body by insisting that it be delicious and true!


Alyce Kate.


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