OurPromisesAreTheMostImportantThingAboutusCC-750x375I recently stumbled upon a great blog and leadership tool by a young american guy, Chris Cruz.  You can check out his blog     ( HERE

I downloaded his FREE eBOOK and spent some time reading through the pages.  Such a good read, full of great truths and quite challenging ;).  I was so encouraged reading through this eBOOK.  Every page I read I found more and more goodness and encouragement.  If you’re a note taker or an underliner you would probably underline the whole book.  I would highly recommend checking out this informative and inspiring tool and website filled with articles and podcasts.

It’s comforting for me, the impossible life is just as impossible for Him. He didn’t silence the storm, heal the lepers, raise the dead or free a tormented person as God, but as a man.  Faith is trusting in God over yourself!

– Chris Cruz


Sometimes I think I need more hours in the day to read and listen to all the things I’d like to.

The beauty of always learning!


Alyce Kate


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