“I F  Y O U  L I S T E N  C A R E F U L L Y 

Y O U  M I G H T  H E A R  A N  I D E A  B E I N G  B O R N ” 

I have been listening to several Entrepreneurs and one of them is Emma Isaacs, CEO of Business Chicks.  She is a fascinating woman to listen to, very down to earth, a strong woman and leader, calm, focused and passionate.  I find her very intriguing.  I have included some clips of her sharing.

Some thoughts Emma shared in the following clips that stood out to me :

What common traits do you see in Entrepreneurs ?

  • Comfortable with a level of risk
  • Comfortable with a level of failure
  • Have lost their ego along the way
  • Don’t have all the answers but are willing to go after them

I have a little journal that I carry around with me, I call it my dream journal and I have written down different dreams or ideas that I have.  These are ideas that I have come up with or ideas that have been inspired by those around me or people that I read or hear about.

  • Who are our role models? 
  • Who are the people who inspire and challenge you? 
  • Whose story do you look at and it encourages you to dream and take action?

A few other inspiring businesses just off the top of my head that come to mind are :

These are inspiring companies that have built their product into a million dollar business or are just starting out, but are also doing great things to bless and be generous to the people around them.  They were willing to go out on a limb with their idea and take a risk with many failures and success’ and it has gotten them to where they are now.

Finally, Emma is asked about risk and this is a part of what she says,

“We get stuck in analysis paralysis and overthink things.  Part of risk is just giving it a go and see how it ends up, if you fail then you will learn a lot of things along the way.  The new way of business is looking at, “Whats the problem and how do I solve it for my customer!”.  This is where the new business ideas are starting to come from rather than just wanting to be a Florist or a Writer.” – Emma Isaacs 

Have a listen to Emmas little insights and fun thoughts along her journey so far.


Alyce Kate


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