My Adventure

  I wanted to create a central place where I could put all the things I love, all the thoughts and ideas and inspirations, challenges and good trys.  I have been on this adventure called Health for a long time now.  I am 29 years old this year.  Feels old to me but I know its not, I know I still have alot of life to live.

 I suppose my early understanding of health and natural living came from my mumma cita and grand-ma-ma (as I call them).  My mum tells me how she was ahead of her time with all this ”health  stuff”, how she was making baby food from scratch and advocating ‘Breast is Best’ years before it was popular.  We were brought up on lots of veggies and salads, we weren’t aloud to leave the table till our plate was clean, sugary cereals never really made it into the house and I don’t know how old I was before I tasted Coca Cola, old enough to probably buy it for myself.  Friday nights were Fish and Chip nights (what a treat), but all in all we were fed wholesome real food and sent outside to play in the sun and breath in the fresh air, to let our imaginations run wild.

 My mum likes to share this story of me as a little girl in kindergarten asking for a salad sandwhich for lunch, with the lot of course, and how she loved watching this little girl trying to get her mouth around this massive sandwhich.  I still love a good salad sandwhich, just more aware now of what is going in it.

 My Grandma has also played a very beautiful and important role in my love and passion for health.  She always had a dandelion tea ready for me, or something from her garden, or rubbing peppermint oil into my temples to soothe my headache.  I remember one New Years not too long ago, I had spent the day at the beach on a very very hot day with my natural sunscreen (as I called it, thats a story for another day) and I had gotten red rotten burnt, I think the worst ever.  I was so embarrased that I hid indoors for a day and my grandma sent over some food and all her remedies for burnt skin.  This is love.

 As I grew so did my intrigue into my grandmas knowledge and so began the many many questions and discussions we have had about health over the 25 years of my life that she was around for.  She passed away at the beginning of 2012 and I still have moments where I’m not sure what to do and I think, ”Oh its okay, I’ll just call Grandma and ask her”.  I think that says alot about how wonderful and influencial she is in my life.

 My health has always been pretty good when I look at some of the issues some people face in thier lives.  As a child I got a lot of migraines, they aren’t as frequent now.  As a teen my once clear complexion started to be taken over by acne and now as a young adult I still deal with skin issues.  I think my skin issues were another big milestone in my journey into health and natural medicine.

 So here I am, still on this wonderful journey and adventure which I don’t think will ever end and I am okay with that, the pursuit is what keeps the dream and the choice alive.

– Alyce Kate


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