M Y  J O U R N E Y  T H A T  B R O U G H T  M E  H O M E .

I have mentioned in previous posts that I have a weakness for travel.  It’s in my blood. Continue reading “HOME”




imageI love pretty little things, especially when it comes to food.  Melbourne has turned on its A-game this week with some stellar steamy weather.  Speaking of weather, I’ve been feeling a bit under it today so I popped off to the store today in my summer dress (it’s really too hot for clothes, just saying) to pick up a few things, ran into lovely Bev and had a chat, she’s my Nans age and just the loveliest woman (hope I’m half as cool as her when I’m her age, she’s got a heart of gold). Continue reading “PRETTY LITTLE THINGS”


a2aab30687f1dbc519406883c0bfeaa5For years I have had people ask me if I am a vegetarian, or I’ll be at a party and people will ask me, “What are you going to eat? They’ve made a meat dish!”.  It always makes me laugh at the assumption that I am a vegetarian, when in fact ladies and gentleman, I am not and nor have I ever been.  Well except that one month a few years back when I tried a raw food diet for a month.  I started to get a complex about it, thinking maybe I look anemic, ha!  Or maybe just the assumption that healthy people only eat spinach and kale and almonds.  I do eat all of those but alas, I also eat meat. Continue reading “VEGETARIAN”



I have always had a love of travel.  I think it was ingrained in me from birth.  Growing up, my Nan, Queen Audrey (as I like to call her) was always jet setting away.  We were always off to the airport to welcome her home or send her off somewhere, sometimes in the middle of the night we would have to get up and drive to the airport to send her off.  It’s funny how I always loved this.  You can read more about this in my previous post Travel ( HERE ).    Continue reading “UP UP UP & AWAY.”


” Every single person in the world, every culture, every language, every country, every person in the world knows it, you are what you eat.  Food does matter!”

                                                                                    DAVID WOLFE (Food Matters)

If you live in my house or you’re in my family you will know all too well that this girl has a weird obsession with fermenting.  I even took kefir grains to America when I visited a few years ago much to the disgust of my sister in law.  You will find sauerkraut in the fridge and Kombucha brewing on the bench top currently.  My dog even got to enjoy my kefir days a few years back whilst completely grossing out my poor dad.

I’m all for finding ways to support health and wellbeing without taking a pill.  This is my solution! . . . and might I add very cost effective solution 🙂

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If you are Healthy and Happy is being ‘fat’ the most worst thing in the world?

If you are fit and have great community around you is being ‘fat’ the worst thing in the world?

If you are brave and face your fears is being ‘fat’ the worst thing in the world?

What if it wasn’t?

What if loving and being loved, being who you are and doing the things that you love and make you happy,

keeping your heart clean, and saying sorry when we make mistakes, being healthy in all areas of our lives,

What if they were the most important things in the world? 

Wouldn’t that be a beautiful person! Continue reading “Beauty.”