M Y  J O U R N E Y  T H A T  B R O U G H T  M E  H O M E .

I have mentioned in previous posts that I have a weakness for travel.  It’s in my blood. Continue reading “HOME”




imageI love pretty little things, especially when it comes to food.  Melbourne has turned on its A-game this week with some stellar steamy weather.  Speaking of weather, I’ve been feeling a bit under it today so I popped off to the store today in my summer dress (it’s really too hot for clothes, just saying) to pick up a few things, ran into lovely Bev and had a chat, she’s my Nans age and just the loveliest woman (hope I’m half as cool as her when I’m her age, she’s got a heart of gold). Continue reading “PRETTY LITTLE THINGS”


a2aab30687f1dbc519406883c0bfeaa5For years I have had people ask me if I am a vegetarian, or I’ll be at a party and people will ask me, “What are you going to eat? They’ve made a meat dish!”.  It always makes me laugh at the assumption that I am a vegetarian, when in fact ladies and gentleman, I am not and nor have I ever been.  Well except that one month a few years back when I tried a raw food diet for a month.  I started to get a complex about it, thinking maybe I look anemic, ha!  Or maybe just the assumption that healthy people only eat spinach and kale and almonds.  I do eat all of those but alas, I also eat meat. Continue reading “VEGETARIAN”



If you are Healthy and Happy is being ‘fat’ the most worst thing in the world?

If you are fit and have great community around you is being ‘fat’ the worst thing in the world?

If you are brave and face your fears is being ‘fat’ the worst thing in the world?

What if it wasn’t?

What if loving and being loved, being who you are and doing the things that you love and make you happy,

keeping your heart clean, and saying sorry when we make mistakes, being healthy in all areas of our lives,

What if they were the most important things in the world? 

Wouldn’t that be a beautiful person! Continue reading “Beauty.”



I was inspired recently by my sister in law as she is turning 30 this year and she listed some significant things that have happened in her 20’s.  It made me think, what have the last (almost) 10 years on my life looked like.  Facebook is a wonder for this stuff as I scrolled through the years and looked at all the interesting (and not so interesting) things that I had posted about I was reminded about many things that I had forgotten about.  It is amazing what kind of perspective this brings to looking over the last 10 years of my life as it gives the most beautiful perspective.

It really is a wonder this life we live.  It has not always been very fun or easy but it is blessed.. of this I am sure!

So here is a brief look at some of the things (interesting and not so interesting) that I have done over the last 10 years.  I have left out some very big things because not everything needs to be shared publicly.  I could add a lot more to this list but for now this is enough.

MY 20’s explored . . .  Continue reading “TIME.”


FullSizeRender I have traveled quite a bit in my 28 years.  Traveling has always been a big part of our family life.  I grew up going to the airport in the middle of the night because my Grandmother was taking off to some far away land or arriving home.  We always loved these trips.  In hindsight I love even more that my parents thought it necessary in the middle of the night to drag their kids out of bed and to the airport to welcome home their grandmother from her many adventures.  To some that might seem irresponsible, but I find it wonderful and showing a value for family.  I mean who doesn’t love to arrive home from a trip or head off on a trip and have the people you love there with you ? Continue reading “Travel.”



Today marks the first day of winter and gee it came with a bang.  Was pretty cold this morning and when my alarm went off early this morning getting out of my warm bed seemed absurd.  There are blue skies and sunshine now on this wintery day which I love.

How do we support our bodies through the freezing cold winter days and nights?

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I sit here listening to the rain, one of my favorite sounds.  Its sunday night, the house is quiet but full.  I feel at rest, which is just what I need to feel as the weekend is ending and the new week is about to begin.  I am enlarging my tent by learning about great entrepreneurs and the habits of powerful people. Continue reading “BEING POWERFUL.”