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That’s it. Explore. Go do that, in every area of your Life.

( Words by Lizabethe Anne )




When Hawthorn won the AFL grand final this year for the 3rd consecutive year I heard a few people give them a hard time for winning again and saying it’s another teams turn.  This got me thinking.

” . . . Don’t you think its incredible that a team can win three years in a row?  Good on them! 

Isn’t that amazing and inspiring!”

. . . and I wanted to know more . . . 

“How DOES a team win the football three years in a row?”, “Who are the people in charge of this team?”, “How is the team run?, “What are the foundations?”, “What are the keys?”. 

I was fascinated!
I then heard very soon after this about a talk by Alastair Clarkson the coach of Hawthorn on Team Leadership.  I spent the evening listening to this talk and just loved it.
Alastair Clarkson, in the time he has been coach, has taken the team from the second lowest on the ladder to where they are now.  One of my favorite things he spoke about was . . . well a lot . . . but, “Ego On A Hook!“.  This refers to leaving your ego at the door ‘hang it on the hook’ when you come to ”work” or come to play football.  A player is only as strong as the team that stands behind him.  Alastair shared a lot about the value of team dynamics and not putting one above the other.  To invest in your ”team mates” and share the load so it doesn’t all fall on one persons shoulders and also the value of investing into your position.  He shared about one player who was a mid fielder and he changed his position to something that the player didn’t actually know much about so that player went to work to learn and invest into his position.
What are the values of the team and do the behaviors match up to these? 
  • Knowing your vision and values
  • Surrounding yourself in community and with great people
  • Create a culture that matches your vision and what you stand for.
  • Accountability to the values and vision.
I loved how he talked about how the values of the team and how “Ego On A Hook” applies to everyone on that team.  From the massage therapist, to the players, to the coach ect.  They all have to hold a value for the team and know they are accountable to the team for their actions and choices.
He talked about looking outside the box of your own knowledge and growing and bringing in different people ect to strengthen the team.
The team learns that success is not based on what I bring to the team, success is based on what we bring to the team.  There are no single hero’s but the players work to bring strength to the team as a whole and the success of one is the success of the whole.

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I needed to hear this today!  Sometimes we are so busy looking forward that we (or me) forget to just enjoy living and the everyday-ness of every day.  My head is so lost sometimes in what is coming or what I need to do that I have removed myself from this beautiful present and miss my life moment by moment.  I have a To Do list that could last me through to old age, and the ideas are often flooding in which just lengthens this dreamers To Do list.  So today, whilst I strive to show value to my time that I have, today I will just enjoy!



Alyce Kate


4b59e5e1c20452fd7466d955431cd640I had the realization the other day I haven’t set foot inside a supermarket in maybe a little over a month . . . I’m living off love and the magical air I breathe . . . just kidding . . . I’m that girl that when I haven’t eaten enough I disappear into the land of ‘Don’t Talk To Me! I’m too hungry to be a nice human being right now… I just need food… I just neeeeeeed food‘.  Just ask the girls I live with, my common phrase when arriving home after work, “I’m Starving“.  I’m not REALLY starving, lets be real, but hey try telling that to my brain or is it my stomach that thinks the world is coming to an end and I am living in some cruel land where you don’t eat every five minutes of every day. Continue reading “BEING TRUE”






. . . you have not because you ask not . . .

                                                                                         Matthew 7



I have always had a love of travel.  I think it was ingrained in me from birth.  Growing up, my Nan, Queen Audrey (as I like to call her) was always jet setting away.  We were always off to the airport to welcome her home or send her off somewhere, sometimes in the middle of the night we would have to get up and drive to the airport to send her off.  It’s funny how I always loved this.  You can read more about this in my previous post Travel ( HERE ).    Continue reading “UP UP UP & AWAY.”