– Audrey Hepburn

      I posted a few days ago on our Morning Routine and this is the continuation of that post.  So here goes . . .

As women, our morning routine can be tedious.  We get up in the morning, get in the shower, wash our hair, use our favorite body wash, wash our face, shave our legs with that cool shave gel, put on moisturizer, put on make up which may include concealer, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, eye liner, mascara, we do our hair with hair oils and hairspray and dry shampoo, we put our deodorant on and spray our favorite perfume and brush our teeth and by golly george that’s just the morning and then we have to go out about our day.  So I have been looking into this a little further recently.


  • Skin is your bodies largest organ and whatever you use on your skin gets absorbed (at least 60%) into your bloodstream.  The benefit we have with food is that it has to make it through our digestive system where alot of toxins are removed and eliminated and do not make it into our bloodstream.  Skin doesn’t have this added benefit!
  • I read recently that the average woman absorbs nearly 2.5 kilos of of damaging toxins per year.  Imagine the load that this places on our bodies including our liver and nervous systems.  A quote that I love that I posted recently is, “Our cells are like fish, they are only as healthy as the water they swim in!“.  If we bathe our cells in toxins from beauty products, pesticide sprayed fruit and vegetables, highly processed foods, sugar, caffeine ect . . . its no wonder we are all tired and feel haggard! Our bodies (whilst incredibly profound) are having to work overtime to eliminate toxins rather than healing and rejuvenating and supply ample amounts of energy and clarity!
  • There are 12 toxic chemicals commonly found in our beauty products that we are using every day on our skin and hair.  Whilst some people say that it’s really not that big of a deal that my body wash has a little bit of this or that chemical, I’m sure my body can handle it, the point to consider is that it’s in face not JUST your body wash that contains that chemical, where in fact it is also the shampoo and conditioner you use, along with the moisturizer you apply every day and the foundation you lather all over your skin, and that toothpaste you are using twice a day to brush those pearly whites.  It is the repetition of chemicals in the products that we use that we need to consider its impact!  Emmily has a great article on the effect of these 12 chemicals which she calls, THE DIRTY DOZEN, which you can read HERE (and I would highly recommend having a read!).

I have recently stumbled upon Depths of Beauty run by Emmily Banks and to say I am inspired in more ways than one would be an understatement.  I could do a bunch of research to find the answers for you but Emmily has done all the hard work so why not just direct you to her wonderful work.  This has been so beneficial for me in helping to take the guess work out of it.  I’m such a fangirl right now that I am just going to rave about her suggestions here!

Here you can find her list of Natural and Organic Personal Care Products (click here) including body wash, toothpaste, deodorant ect

Here you can find some of her suggestions for Natural and Organic Make up Products and check out the website for more information : (click on the words below to go to the link)

  • Eyeshadow
  • Mascara ( I am currently trialing the W3LL People Mascara and I am happy to report that I really like it)
  • Bronzer ( I am also currently trialing the Ere Perez Bronzer and I like it.  I am still learning the best way to apply it as it is different to my last bronzer and I am no make-up savvy!)
  • Blush
  • Make Up Brushes ( This is an important article to read!  We use make-up brushes every day to apply make up without considering where they have come from and the impact on our four legged friends.  Animal cruelty isn’t something we normally thing about when we are putting our bronzer on in the morning!)
  • Foundation & BB Cream (currently trialling the BB cream – got a sample in the mail.  I have been mixing it with my Jacqueline Evans moisturizer that I use daily to thin it out a bit)

I have also included below (because its too good to just

keep all this fun information and inspiration to myself)

a link to a video with Emmily Banks & Melissa Ambrosini

which I would highly recommend having a watch!! 



These are by no means the ONLY natural organic options, I am just starting on the transition over to better quality beauty care products.  I have transitioned my skincare, my toothpaste, most of my make-up, currently looking for a good organic shampoo and conditioner if you have any suggestions would love to hear about any success you have had with any products!

I ordered my products through Beautiful Because, you can find them (here)

My next post will discuss how to achieve natural beauty from within . . . its time for Fermented Foods to get the spotlight 😉

Till then have a beautiful day! The sun has decided to show up in Melbourne, Australia and I think finally (FINALLYYYYY!) Spring is here and we are all sighing a sigh of relief! Happy Days!

Alyce Kate.


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