Have i talked about Bone Broth before? Well after playing around with it for the past few months I have decided that I like it . . . oh gosh, not the taste . . . don’t be ridiculous . . . but its good for me, so I like it.  I’m like a kid at Christmas when I wake up and run to the fridge and pull out my chilled bone broth to see if it has set.  The last batch didn’t, you can only imagine my utter dismay and disappointment, but my batch I have had brewing over the past few days, well it is solid as gelatin rich bone broth can be.   I’m here to give you the run down as to why this stuff has made its way into my heart and the hearts of millions of other people, including Kobe Bryant from The Lakers.

W H A T  I S  B O N E  B R O T H ?

whilst it may seem like a modern day fad, it is actually an ancient traditional remedy that has been used in different cultures for centuries such as Native Americans, Europeans, the Greeks and Asians ( The Chalkboard Mag ).  This is a beautiful example of Food as Medicine.

W H A T  I S  I T  G O O D  F O R ?

Bone broth is good for treating gut conditions such a Leaky Gut Syndrome, it is great for the immune system, giving our skin, hair and nails a healthy glow.  Great for our joints, bones, lungs, muscles and blood.  It can help with sleep quality, reducing fatigue and general well-being. (Chalkboard Mag)

Bone Broth is rich in Gelatin.  It is rich in amino acids such as glycine and proline.  These amino acids are used in the production of collagen.  Benefits of Collagen :

  • strengthen our tissues
  • provides hydration, elasticity and flexibility to our bodies tissues
  • improves skin quality which may reduce wrinkles
  • improved muscle tone
  • reduced joint stiffness and pain.

So it keeps you looking and feeling younger.  Win!  Gelatin is also great for healing the mucosal lining of our gut to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients (Chalkboard Mag).

  • keep an eye out for my upcoming post on Leaky Gut Syndrome & Intestinal Permeability.

H O W  D O  Y O U  M A K E  I T ?

I am terrible at following recipes so I just chuck it all in so I hav attached a recipe below by Carol from Ditch The Wheat which you can follow.


  • Enough bone marrow/ox tail/feet to fill the bottom of your slow cooker
  • 1 celery stick
  • onion and garlic
  • 1 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar
  • water


  1. Go to your butcher or grocery store and buy bone marrow/ox tail/feet
  2. You can roast the bone marrow for more flavour but I usually skip this part.
  3. Fill your slow cooker with the bones.
  4. Chop up 1 stick of celery, 1 clove of garlic, at least one whole onion, and a carrot. Place in the slow cooker.
  5. Optional 1 tbsp of raw apple cider vinegar (the vinegar is supposed to increase the extraction of minerals from the bones).
  6. Fill the slow cooker with water
  7. I add parsley when I reheat the soup to drink.
  8. Turn your slow cooker to low and cook for at least 48 hours. After that I put some spoonfuls of the broth into a bowl and I place it in the fridge. If the broth gels I stop cooking if the broth doesn’t gel then I continue to cook.
  9. When you are done cooking your broth pour the broth through a colander.
  10. I freeze my broth in ice cube trays and then put the ice cubes in a bag. When I’m ready to reheat the broth I place a couple of ice cubes in a small pot, turn the heat to low and slowly heat the broth up. I also add parsley, and more seasoning.


Alyce Kate


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