I have always had a love of travel.  I think it was ingrained in me from birth.  Growing up, my Nan, Queen Audrey (as I like to call her) was always jet setting away.  We were always off to the airport to welcome her home or send her off somewhere, sometimes in the middle of the night we would have to get up and drive to the airport to send her off.  It’s funny how I always loved this.  You can read more about this in my previous post Travel ( HERE ).   

I myself am off for a trip in just over a month.  I love travel.  I find that when I go on big overseas trips I often get sick, ending up with a cold or that one time I got a terrible ear infection a week before I was due to fly home (not ideal I’ll say).  Often when we are away our bodies are slowing down, we are in new places, the weather is different, our sleep is off and we are eating different foods, all of this combined can be a great environment for ” getting sick ”.

So in preparation for my upcoming trip I am going to share my tips and tricks for Traveling Healthy!!

  1. ON THE PLANE : Planes can be a marvellous breading ground for bacteria and viruses.  The air is circulated around the plane, the air conditioner is on, the man behind you is coughing and sneezing and theres no where to go!  Some simple ideas are –
    1. Wear a scarf around your neck.  I read about this on a Food Matters post once ( HERE ).  Wearing a scarf stems from a traditional Northern European thought that suggests it keeps the temperature higher around your neck and throat which reduces the ability of pathogens and infections taking hold.  Much like when we are sick and we get a fever / or a high temperature (our bodies way of fighting the infection because they cannot survive over a certain temperature), wearing a scarf does much the same.  At one of our first lines of defense, our mouth and throat.  Also taking an Immune Support supplement a few weeks before travel and whilst travelling can be beneficial such as Vitamin C, Zinc, Probiotics, Echinacea, Ginseng, Ginger, Ginkgo, Astragalus ect.
    2. Flying can leave you feeling DEHYDRATED.  A few ways to counteract this
      1. MOISTURISE : be sure to oil up with coconut oil for example when preparing to leave for the airport.  This will help your skin stay nourished and hydrated for the journey.
      2. HYDRATE : drink plenty of water before / during and after your flight.  Especially if you are dealing with a different time zone.  These days we can’t carry our own water but you can carry an empty water bottle.  Therefore I always take a large water bottle which I get re-filled on the flight and drink continually.  If you need to get up and use the bathroom alot on the flight this gives the added benefit of getting movement and circulation into your body to assist in energy levels and not stiffening up too much!  Taking a electrolyte powder / with minerals and vitamin c ect can also support replenishing your body whilst flying.  Flying is quit taxing on the body so be sure to replenish and put back what is lost.
      3. Limit Alcohol, Coffee and Tea (I know . . . fun zapper) but they are highly dehydrating and will leave you feeling more fatigued with greater jetlag than you need or desire!
      4. Alot of us experience a very dry and sometimes painful nasal passage when flying.  A simple an easy way to reduce this is by taking a nasal spray that you can get from your local health food store.  This also supports the immune system by reducing the bacteria and pathogens that cause infections from invading.
    3. GREEN GOODNESS : Having a green juice or smoothie would be great whilst on the plane but not possible and often juices that you can buy at the airport are rich in sugar and loaded with fruit, therefore, taking a green powder that you can add to your water will give you a boost of antioxidants to fight off free radical damage and nutrients to support your body whilst flying and arrive feeling hydrated and alive rather than like a dried up prune.  People also often feel bloated, crampy with increased flatulence and constipation whilst travel so taking a digestive bitter such as Iberogast which you can put into water will assist in digestion whilst flying and travelling.
    4. SLEEP : Try and get a few good nights sleep before your flight and consider taking supplement or tea on the flight such as lavender, chamomile, valerian, passionflower ect that will assist in your body relaxing and hopefully getting a few hours of shut eye.  Having an eye mask and ear buds to block out the noise can also be beneficial.
    5. TAKE SNACKS : We all know that airplane food is well below average and often contributes to our fatigue and lethargy at the end of a flight.  Therefore being prepared can be a big bonus.  Having mixed nuts and fruit such as bananas and oranges or avocados and crunchy carrots and celery, green beans (which mostly all come in thier own special casing) can be a great snack.  Getting some coconut water at the airport for in flight.  Making up some pop-corn to snack on whilst watching your favorite movie or roasted chickpeas.  Get creative, just be sure you can take your food on the plane.
    6. LAYOVERS : If you have a layover on the way to your destination take that time to WALK! Just walk and walk.  This will help with your energy levels and circulation as you prepare to get back on the plane.  Also drink your water and if you can find a healthy cafe get a fresh juice or smoothie and a salad with some protein to support and nourish your body.

Some Health Snack ideas from one of my favorites at My New Roots, she has some great suggestions and recipes which you can check out ( HERE ).

travel-1Deliciously Ella also has some great suggestions which you can read about ( HERE ).

So a list to summarize :

  • Vitamin C and Immune Support will be your best friend!
  • Water! Water! Water! and more Water!
  • Rest when possible!
  • Take healthy snacks!
  • Keep moving!

Travel is one of the most beautiful experiences and I am so thankful for all the different places I have been so far in my life.  All the different cultures and people and foods . . . it is one of my favorite things!  So go . . . explore, have an adventure and be sure to take care of yourself leading up to, during and after so you can make that absolute most of your time!


Alyce Kate



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