To  all you baby mummies (and daddies) out there . . . just a quick sneaky blog for you!

Whilst I am not a mumma (yet) I do love all things baby and pregnancy related so I wanted to share a few little things I have come across recently that I think is fun and worthy of a share!

So here goes!

SOLLY BABY WRAPS / sollybaby.com / @sollybabywrap

(An excerpt from their webpage)

“From the moment parenthood starts, you instinctively keep your baby close, strengthening the impenetrable bond between parent and child. At Solly Baby, our philosophy is two-fold, baby wraps should bring you closer to your little one while giving you the freedom to take on life. We understand and believe in embracing this bond. We believe in the possibility of bonding with your child, without losing yourself as an individual.  Founded in 2011, after , the founders of Solly Baby were frustrated with the lack of choice in baby carriers. Before baby wraps, parents were relegated to a choice, either hold your baby close or set them down in a carrier so you can get things done. Designed to reflect your personal style, our baby wraps are available in a selection of colors and patterns. Custom made and dyed, using only the finest knit fabrics with the perfect stretch, our baby wraps are one of a kind. Unlike many traditional baby wrap carriers, our eco friendly, lightweight baby wraps are made for year-round use.”

Just read the reviews . . . they speak for themselves!

bethanysollybaby-22 bethanysollybaby-25 bethanysollybaby-38

WELL ADJUSTED BABIES / www.welladjusted.co / @welladjustedco

I came across this book a few years ago and it is FULL and I mean FULL of great information ranging from preconception, birth and beyond!  It is a holistic look at conception / pregnancy / birthing and beyond.  It is a great read, very informative.  They also have a great section of, ‘Which Foods When’, which discusses which foods to give to your child and when and most importantly, ‘the why!”



Katherine Hadley

Check out their website with the link above!

KID & COE / www.kidandcoe.com / @kidandcoe

I came across this the other day and thought it was such a fun idea!  Whilst going on holidays with kids I imagine they just adjust to wherever you are until you arrive at your destination and find there are 10 million breakable objects in reach of little hands, or there’s no gate leaving the road wide open to little wandering feet or you can’t find the local supermarket to get nappies for that explosion that just happened!  This is why I think a website like this is fantastic!

Its a vacation rental website featuring family friendly holiday spots.  You can rent out your next holiday spot already equipped with many of the things you need as kids and as parents . . . so everyone is happy!

Kid-tested, parent-approved.


11419199_813044328808619_1372387597_aNaty Nappies / http://www.naty.com / @natybynaturebabycare

This is a beautiful swedish company.  I feel in love with the owner Marlene Sandberg (and her wonderful accent, gets me overtime, ha!).  Her passion for health and wellbeing is infectious.  It still blows my mind that baby companies can condone products that are harmful and dangerous to our children and our planet.  Not Naty!  They are passionate about babies and the planet!  For those parents that aren’t doing cloth nappies this is great option.  They are bio-degradable nappies / diapers. As Marlene says, “You could put them in your compost and they would break down!”.


Check out the story behind this beautiful company (click on link below)


Well I am off to a beautiful consult and to play in the sunshine, I hope it is nice and bright wherever you are (if its raining maybe you should just move to Melbourne cause we have very predictable weather . . . 😉 ha!)

If you have any other fun suggestions for kids and parents . . . I’d love to hear them . . . leave them in the comments below or send me a message!
Peace out!

Alyce Kate


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