Trusting God with your heart, with the pangs and pulls and joys, with it all, in all its beauty and dismay and wonder.  He loves it all. It is one of the sweetest fragrances I believe for the Lord to know that despite it all there are the ones that will simply and profoundly say, “I trust you Lord.” I don’t understand, but you are more important than my understanding, you are above it, that is why I trust you.  In my trembling and fear I trust you.  In the unseen I trust you.  In the deep sighs of the soul I trust you!  In my tired heart, I trust.

Because I know that this is what brings life, this is what washes away the dark and shines the noonday light.image

“And the Peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your heart and mind . . . “

– Philipians 4

I think this is why he gave us one of the keys to trust when he said, it is my Peace, which goes way beyond understanding, it is this peace which stands guard over your heart and mind.  It also speaks of the goodness of the Lord that in the confusion and unseen and storms he offers peace so powerful that it stands above all understanding, it is a force to be reckoned with and a force which our humans minds cannot comprehend.


We do not trust in the knowledge that God does not care about what we care about, but we trust in the knowledge that he cares profoundly about it all but he sees what we cannot.  He knows what we do not, therefore he gently comes before us to take our hand and lead us onward.

It is a difficult road this trust for it longs to draw us back into the known, into the comfortable but God safely leads us into the unknown where true life thrives and lives.  It is here that we are awakened.  Confidence, living in the true nature of God, is birthed here.  Freedom is birthed here.  I guess thats why they call it a leap of faith.

It is the LEAP changes everything!


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